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CampZimmer delivers campsites as they're meant to be seen, in beautiful 360º.

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Our photos are as close as it gets to the real thing. CampZimmer’s immersive 360° technology captures and displays each campsite in high quality detail so there are no unexpected surprises.

Much more visibility into what the entire site looks like - you don't get that hardly anywhere, and I'd rather really know what I'm booking.

As an intermediate camper (going four or so times in a season), the 360-degree view gives me so much more information that makes me feel infinitely more confident to reserve the campsite.

Able to see complete scene! Not guessing how close you may be to roads, other campsites, what might be provided-picnic tables, etc

I'm very picky about campsites for a variety of reasons, so being able to get a full view of the site can literally make or break a decision for me.

I am an avid camper and really appreciate the 360° experience because I get a better grasp of the size and feel of the campsite. I wish all websites were like this!

Set the stage for a memorable trip.

Deliver compelling content when it matters most. Remove customer doubt in location, views, or ambiguous data and be the catalyst for adventure.

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92%of participants prefer 360° Photos
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7%of participants prefer photos

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